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This is a biodegradable high grade bullet with standard diameter of 5.95+/-0.01mm, made of biodegradable material, usually using PLA material. The main BB weights include 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.30g, 0.32g, etc., and are made of biodegradable materials, usually PLA.
Factory in 1995

Ningbo Golden Ball Industry Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Golden Ball Industry Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Royal Industrial Co., Ltd.) is an Industrial and Trading Company with the strong abilities of scientific investigation & developing, manufacturing, selling and marketing. Our company is professional China Biodegradable Airsoft BBs manufacturers and Biodegradable Airsoft BBs suppliers.We started from Cixi Goldenball Factory in 1995, located in Cixi, at the south side of Hangzhou Bay, which covers an area of 20,000 square meters with a building area reaching 22000 square meters. Our gross investment is over 5 million US dollars.

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Our Advantage

Our products are salable in China, the USA, Europe,
Southeast Asia, Australia.

  • Customization

    We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

  • Product complete

    We have the development and production of products of different materials; can meet different sizes and different application environments.

  • Quality

    We have our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products. 

  • Capacity

    Our annual production capacity is over 1500 tons, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.

  • Service

    We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets. Our products are in line with international standards, and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

  • Shipment

    We are only 35 kilometers away from the Ningbo Port, it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other country.

Industry Knowledge Expansion

Biodegradable BBs: Environmentally-Friendly Ammunition for Airsoft and Paintball
Biodegradable BBs are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic BBs in airsoft and paintball. Here are the characteristics and benefits of using biodegradable BBs:
Material Composition: Biodegradable BBs are typically made from biodegradable materials such as cornstarch or other plant-based polymers. These materials are designed to break down naturally over time when exposed to the environment.
Environmental Impact: Biodegradable BBs address the concern of plastic pollution in the environment. As they break down over time, they minimize the long-term impact on ecosystems, waterways, and wildlife. Biodegradable BBs are an eco-conscious choice for players who want to minimize their environmental footprint.
Performance: Biodegradable BBs are designed to have similar performance characteristics to traditional plastic BBs. They have consistent size, weight, and flight properties, allowing for accurate and reliable shooting. Players can expect comparable performance without compromising their gameplay experience.
Field and Event Requirements: Many airsoft fields and paintball events now require or strongly encourage the use of biodegradable BBs. This is done to promote environmental stewardship and reduce the impact of non-biodegradable plastic BBs on the playing area. Using biodegradable BBs allows players to comply with these requirements and contribute to a sustainable playing environment.
Breakdown Time: The breakdown time of biodegradable BBs can vary depending on factors such as temperature, moisture, and exposure to sunlight. Generally, biodegradable BBs are designed to break down over a period ranging from a few months to a year or more when left in natural outdoor environments.
Proper Disposal: Biodegradable BBs should be disposed of properly to ensure they can break down as intended. They can be disposed of in composting facilities or in designated areas for biodegradable waste. It's important to follow local waste management guidelines to ensure proper disposal.
Safety Considerations: Biodegradable BBs are typically safe for use, just like traditional plastic BBs. However, it's important to note that they may still cause harm if shot at close range or without proper protective gear. Players should always prioritize safety by wearing appropriate eye protection and following safe shooting practices.
Additionally, it's essential to store biodegradable BBs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their integrity until they are ready to be used.
By using biodegradable BBs, airsoft and paintball players can enjoy their favorite games while minimizing their environmental impact and contributing to sustainability efforts.
Choosing Biodegradable BBs: Factors to Consider for Sustainable Shooting
When choosing biodegradable BBs for sustainable shooting in airsoft or paintball, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key considerations:
Biodegradability Certification: Look for biodegradable BBs that have been certified by reputable organizations or meet recognized industry standards for biodegradability. This ensures that the BBs will break down as intended and have minimal impact on the environment.
Compatibility with Your Gun: Ensure that the biodegradable BBs are compatible with your airsoft gun or paintball marker. Check the recommended BB weight range for your specific gun and ensure that the biodegradable BBs you choose fall within that range. Proper BB weight selection is crucial for optimal performance and accuracy.
Packaging and Quantity: Consider the packaging and quantity of the biodegradable BBs. Look for options that minimize excess packaging and are environmentally conscious. Consider purchasing in bulk to reduce overall waste and packaging material.
Price: Compare the prices of different biodegradable BB brands and products. While sustainable options may sometimes be slightly more expensive than traditional plastic BBs, weigh the cost against the environmental benefits and the overall value you are getting.
Brand Reputation: Choose reputable brands that are known for their commitment to sustainability and quality. Brands that have a track record of environmentally responsible practices and a commitment to ethical manufacturing can give you more confidence in the sustainability of their BBs.
Proper Disposal: Be aware of the proper disposal methods for biodegradable BBs. Follow local waste management guidelines and dispose of them in designated composting or biodegradable waste facilities. Avoid disposing of them in regular trash or littering them in the environment.