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Solid Plastic Balls
Solid Plastic Balls
Solid Plastic Balls

Solid ABS Ball


●Diameter Range:Ø2.381mm~Ø50.4mm, special specifications can also be customized production 

●Available grades: G0,G1,G2 

●Available grades and tolerances 

Product features, functions, applications:
●ABS plastic has the common properties of three components: the A, which makes it chemically resistant, heat resistant, and has a certain surface hardness;the B, which makes it highly elastic and tough; and the S, which gives it the processing and molding characteristics of thermoplastics and improves electrical properties. Therefore, ABS plastic is a "tough, hard and rigid" material with easy-to-obtain raw materials, good comprehensive performance, low price and wide application. ABS plastics have been widely used in mechanical, electrical, textile, automotive, aircraft, ship and other manufacturing industries, as well as in the chemical industry.
●Apply to: valves, seals, etc.
Factory in 1995

Ningbo Golden Ball Industry Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Golden Ball Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Airsoft BBs, plastic balls and metal balls, such as carbon steel balls, chrome steel balls, stainless steel balls, aluminum balls, argentums balls, brass balls and bronze balls. We are professional Solid ABS Ball Suppliers and Solid ABS Ball Factory.In addition, special alloy balls, ceramic balls and hollow balls are available. At Goldenball's business culture, we are committed to providing you with high quality products and services.We enjoy exploring new materials and procedures in order to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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